WOMB health coaching

There is a reason you can’t lose weight, by no means establish a normal menstrual cycle, lose acne and relax in your embodiment! There is also a reason for being tired, confused and lost in life. This reason may lie in hormonal imbalance and lost contact with your uterus. Our womb is the center of our power and access to female essence.

You are a beautiful woman with a big heart who nurtures everything around her. Are you ready to take care of yourself too? Do you allow yourself to receive? Just receiving is one of the key elements of an awakened female essence.

Want to know more about the Health Coaching program?

Sign up for a 30-minute free consultation.

Want to know more about the Health Coaching program?

Sign up for a 30-minute free consultation.

There is a reason that our hormones get out of balance, that we gain weight, that we have acne, polycystic ovaries, we lose menstruation or it is irregular, we lose hair density, we have trouble sleeping, anxiety, relationship problems, challenges in expression , we are under stress and we don’t even know who we are and what we really want.

Does any of the above sound familiar to you?

No, it’s not your fault! And these are not incurable defects. In fact, it’s all a gift. Do you believe me?

I promise to reveal to you what a glorious gift is to BE a woman and how all these hormonal ailments and imbalances call us to listen and transform. And this only happens from the inside out.

Let me support you on this path of transformation. This is your unique path and here YOUR priceless POWER lies.

Let me remind you of this power and let us awaken it together.

As a certified Health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I offer individual coaching, motivation and support for women with whom you can create changes that transform your overall health and well-being.

What is included in 1:1 Womb Health Coaching

Individual conversations that focus only on your growth and holistic transformation.

Getting to know the body's messages and understanding your own needs.

Simple, transformational habits for connecting with the uterus and awakening the female essence.

Understanding the functioning of the female body, hormonal cycle and emotional fluctuations.

Improving sleep quality, increasing energy levels and managing stress.

Understanding your patterns, beliefs, shadows.

Getting to know the foods that support a woman’s cycle and the way of eating that is right for your body.

Raising awareness of primary and secondary food.

We will also learn about breathing techniques, yoga, meditation, working with the inner child, emotions, and letting go of limiting beliefs.

Womb Health Coaching Package

12 x 50-min online meetings (2x per month for a period of six months), which includes guidance, various techniques, discussion of progress, recommendations, recipes and availability for intermediate support via e-mail communication.

No matter where you are currently on your path to holistic health, I will help you recognize your truth, desires and needs of your body. We will create a clear path on how to listen to your body and soul, and encourage you to connect with the womb and the feminine essence that will support you in doing so. During individual coaching, you will receive customized recommendations, motivational coaching, and targeted tools to create sustainable change. You will end this individual program with a better understanding of your body, mind and spirit and an awakened feminine essence.

Price of the entire program: 999€

We must want every change and choose myself first. If we want to change something in life, we need to abandon old patterns of action. Readiness to open is paramount, as we peel off those outer layers, we come to the center of our true Being, holistic health, and balance.
I will hold the space you need to soften those patterns, recognize body and Soul messages, raise awareness, and understand some shadows of the subconscious that you may not be aware of. I am HERE to support you, contribute, and hold the space for your individual growth.
Learn to reprogram self-sabotage and begin to awaken love for your body and spirit. It’s time to become kinder to yourself and your body. It’s time to become your best friend and nourish your womb and awaken the feminine essence. May your femininity and the power of the feminine cycle serve you, and bring you back to a state of holistic balance.

Why work with me?

Over the last decade, I’ve spent most of my time exploring myself and peeling off the illusion we’re all trapped in. Throughout my growing up, I was so shy and found it difficult to express my truth. I never imagined that I would ever be able to speak publicly and lead workshops and other things that required the integrity of my own Being and the ability to express myself. My hormonal imbalance, cystic acne, hair loss, weight gain, and more than 4 years of absence of menstruation have further supported me from jumping out of the comfort and role of hardworking, quiet little girl, onto the path to unknown expanses of tasting all that I am and all that is still possible for me and my body. I am infinitely grateful for all my challenges and trials of life to be where I am today. For all the paths I have chosen and education, and courses, because today I can speak openly about it, share it and contribute to others.

My mission is to help women reawaken their strength and radiance.

Know that I can hear you and understand you. I know what it’s like to “stick out” from the society and not actually belong anywhere. I know how deep the feeling of loneliness can be. I know how you can sometimes shrink and hide because you don’t want to be pushed away, because you don’t fit in, because you are too different, too beautiful and real in the depths of your being.
I believe that you are stronger than you think, but more importantly, you deserve to live the balance and gifts of your magical body and spirit. You deserve to live your truth and discover hidden potentials,
and the gift that each of us carries within us. Being a woman is a blessing. Allow yourself to discover it and live your power.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ What does Womb Health Coaching means?
There is no suitable translation for health coaching in Slovene, or in pure translation it means health coach. Womb is the English term for uterus. For individual coaching, I am only available for women, and because we also touch a lot on the connection and treatment of the uterus, because that is where our enormous power lies, the name of my coaching program is untranslated, as it sounds clearer.
+ Is there a possibility to book just one hour of coaching?
I only work with women, and because we are also discovering the connection, power and healing essence of Womb, where our enormous power lies, the name of my coaching program is named by women second heart and one of our most powerful organs.
+ What I can receive with the enrolment to 6 month Womb Health coaching program?
Če si izbereš 6 mesečni individualni coaching program zase, lahko skozi obdobje 6 mesecev podpore dosežeš celostno transformacijo. Prejela boš informacije ter orodja, na tvojih ciljev in izzivov– pa naj bo to povečanje energije, boljše spanje, izboljšanje prebave, hormonsko ravnovesje, povečanje senzualne energije, boljši odnosi, izguba telesne teže, opustitev stresa, ponovno odkrivanje strasti in še mnogo več. Skozi srečanja bom uporabila strokovne izkušnje, tehnike spreminjanja vedenja in motivacijske pogovore, te srečala tam, kjer si, in skupaj s teboj zakorakala v prostor, kjer si želiš biti. IIN Health Coach ne uporablja dogmatičnih prepričanj, napotkov ter konceptov. Ne bom te silila, da opustiš gluten in popolnoma spremeniš prehrano, začneš kuhati ali se lotiš meditacije, če se ti to ta trenutek ne zdi izvedljivo in lahkotno. Skupaj bova našli pot in način, ki je pravi samo zate. Za tvoje telo in dušo. Pričela boš zaupati sebi, svoji intuiciji ter prebudila razumevanje potreb tvojega edinstvenega telesa.
+ How often and where will we meet during the program?
2 times a month (on the same days and hours) for a period of 6 months, online via Zoom or Skype applications.
+ What certifications does Health Coach have?
I graduated at Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I also have extensive experience with alternative healing techniques, with diet, hormones, the female cycle, connecting with the uterus, abandoning beliefs, working with the subconscious, and lifestyle changes. I am also a yoga and meditation teacher and Access Bars facilitator.
+ Additionally

I reserve the right to change the content of the program at our discretion according to our common needs and to achieve optimal results. Our socializing will take place via the Zoom or Skype application. All content shared during the program is copyrighted and is protected, permitted solely for the personal use of program participants. Any reproduction or transmission of this information is strictly prohibited. To this end, we maintain the security of our socializing and create a safe space for expression. All information, knowledge and practices acquired during individual coaching are of an informative nature and are in no way intended as a substitute for the advice of your doctor or medical staff, nor are they a substitute for appropriate medical care.

Recommendations – Experience

“Ana worked for many months at Lotus Holistic Medicine. Her radiance and jovial mood were appreciated by all. She seemed to have a knack with working with clients, and this shows up in her work in health coaching. When she took me through the process of an initial health coaching session, I immediately felt supported and nourished. I am sure Ana will help her clients very greatly in her role as a health and life coach”.

Dr. Sandeep Gupta

“Thank you Ana!
You are a wonderful coach!! I thank you even more for triggering all these aha moments in me during our sessions together. You are a great listener, you are kind and your heart is certainly at the right place. I highly recommend your skilled services! Again THANK YOU, you truly are a beautiful soul!

Sabrina Bouhadji

“Bilo mi je v veliko veselje, da je bila Ana moja health coach-inja. Anino obsežno ozadje in znanje na različnih področjih, od kitajske medicine, joge do zahodne  rehrane, jo naredi odlično coachinjo s široko perspektivo. Je izjemna poslušalka, a tudi zelo motivacijska coachinja, ustvari varen prostor za svoje stranke in je kljub temu dovolj odločna, da se premaknejo in stopijo iz cone udobja. Ana mi je dala nekaj odličnih vpogledov v sebe in svoj položaj ter mi pomagala osvetliti področja, na katera se moram bolj osredotočiti, z njo sem imela čudovito izkušnjo in toplo priporočam njene storitve.”

Naama Shpak