Personalized meditation

I’ve been connected to nature and subtitle energies that surround us, since I was a little girl. I believe everyone can find their own piece and truth, when they take a dive into their magical world.

Sometimes we have our guides to help us, sometimes elementals or magical nature beings if we only ask them to join us and we are ready to listen to them and let them help us. I will create a channeled personalized meditation, which will arise from the questions by your being or your guides, who will want to give you the energetic transcript, a message or relaxation, using a frequency, you and your body need the most right now. Give yourself a
perfect gift, which will stay with you forever and will truly be yours only. You are welcome to give this unique gift to others as well. The longevity of the meditation and the preparation depend on the energy, which will run through this process.

To read more about it click here.

Your meditation can be booked today and all additional information is available at the contacts below:

Phone: 0403477761

Order a personalized meditation for yourself or as a gift.

Price: 140,00AUD

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