My dear Magical Women, my message to you is:

If we want to become better, which we really are, we must start walking on the path of holistic transformation and peel off the layers of lies, beliefs and patterns of our ancestors and surroundings. Move from pain and darkness, to pleasure and light. Instead of dwelling on judgments and conclusions, it is necessary to start asking for our own truth, knowledge and possibilities.

What is the gift of my Soul in this experience?

All the answers are born in us when we start asking questions to our Soul and communicating with the most intelligent part of ourselves – our bodies.

Discover your natural gifts – and learn how theenergy of a woman’s essence can work for you! In my life’s journey, I have come to realize that we write our story based on the experiences our Soul chooses. For me, too, these lessons were sometimes not the easiest, but today I know that without them I would not be what I am and would not be so rich with all the experience, knowledge and awareness I have about myself, the female body and the immense power that we shyly hide it within ourselves.

In the last 10 year of my life, my body and Soul have gone through intense transformation and shedding the old skin. After I stopped taking birth control pills, my hormonal balance completely collapsed. I was diagnosed with PCOS, the gynecologist was worried about a possible decline in bone density, my fertility and several years without periods. My face was covered with painful cystic acne, I lost 2/3 of my hair, fat was accumulating around my abdomen that could not be got rid of. My mood fluctuated day by day, I lost my self-confidence and repeatedly felt trapped in a darknesslost my self-confidence and repeatedly felt trapped in a darkness from which I saw no way out. And, with that, my spiritual journey began. A lifelong journey into the depths of thyself. I decided to take the health and power of healing into my own hands, I refused all pharmacological drugs, I changed the gynecologist, who judge me because I didn’t want to take the pill and I persisted in years without monthly bleeding. Why?

Because I started to trust MYSELF and the intelligence of my magical body!

No, it was not easy and the path of natural healing does not happen overnight. But for me it was and is, the right journey for me. I have completed several teacher trainings for a yoga and meditation teacher around the world (for the latest experience and power of self-healing I recommend yoga nidro) conducted workshops to connect with the uterus, started exploring the female body and the power of our cycle ), delved into working with emotions and shadows, working with therapists, individual coaches, rituals, researched various ancient alternative medical sciences, nutrition, gave up limited beliefs through Access Consciousness workshops, tantro, women’s circles, tarot, pranayama and graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became Health coach, that today I can support you and share with you the techniques, tools, ways, diet that supports our holistic embodiment. There are no incurable diseases and conditions, only messages of the Soul, Uterus and body that invite to the transformation and awakening of the unconscious to the conscious.

With love, Ana

My mission and passion

It has always been a matter of changing the world. After facilitating yoga, meditation, wellbeing retreats, Access Consciousness classes and women’s circles in Slovenia and Australia, after travels around India , Bali, South Africa, Europe and Australia, studying and exploring body, mind and spirit today is my greatest passion working with women and encouraging entry into the infinite space of self. Everything we are willing to bring from the unconscious part of ourselves can be changed. The power lies in investing in ourself, personal growth and embodied authenticity. Our female potential and mysterious world of wombs supports us in this.


Let me show you what gifts lurk in your depths.



Graduated in tourism – Wellness and Spa Management

Graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition – Health Coach

300 hours of Hatha Yoga teacher training in Yoga Yama

500 hours of for hatha yoga teacher training at the Parinama School of Yoga and Somatics

100 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Shanti Atma Yoga

200 hours Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at YogaUnion

21 hatha yoga program in Isha Organisation India

Uterine connection workshop

Tarot reading course

Teacher training of Yoga Nidra Meditation of Amrit Yoga Institute

Sound bath training with Tibetan singing bowls

Reiki 1 and 2

Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator

Talk to the Entities Access Conscious course

Energetic Body Processes Access Conscious course

Massage Therapist

In media

Model in a commercial for a telecommunications company:

Writing a column and articles for the spiritual magazine Karma + and Slovenian Traveler magazine.

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