“You are the sky, everything else is
just the weather.”




MTVSS – body process

MTVSS is one of the most dynamic Access Consciousness tools, which is performed by using hands. While cellular memory is the best tool to heal trauma, new or old as well as scarred tissue, MTVSS is often a tool of choice to heal all areas, where your body isn’t functioning properly. It can influence your immune system significantly, especially when working on your joints. MTVSS can change all aspects our bodies changed to in every time, space, dimension and reality, including what has been forced upon us, to appear more human or something else. MTVSS unlocks programs, which are preventing you to become humanoids.

Improving physical performance

The molecular structure of our bodies works on the principle of changing binding. As the cellular and molecular systems in the body change their binding, our body ages, begins to lose strength, and begins to break down. When we introduce various elements into the body through food and breath, gravity causes a change in binding, so that these elements become other substances. The longer we are present in the body by gravity, the more changes in attachment occur.

Every time there is a change in binding, it changes
molecular structure of the body. The bodily process of MTVSS is shaped
by nullifying this process.

The process itself can also be used on individual organs
and to improve performance:

– metabolic system and metabolic rate of cells
– respiratory system
– electrical system
– the central nervous system
– digestive system
– offal
– skeleton
– lymphatic and hormonal system
– the reproductive system

(Taken from the material from the MTVSS workshop)

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