”When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a candle in a windless place. ”


 Calm your mind so your soul can speak…


An interesting fact is that my yoga journey started when I started exploring meditation. Most people who start practicing yoga, start with asanas and I started with meditation in my early 20s. Those constant mind vortexes, anxiety and tendency for excitement, brought me to my journey of meditation. It all began with guided meditation, which enabled me to relax and forget about the day I’ve just had. It sucked me in and soon I was ready for more and I wanted more. I wanted to learn more, so I started reading books about yoga, philosophy, I started attending classes and took my first journey to India, which changed me forever. I got my first initiation there in my sadhana, consists of different techniques, which became a part of my everyday life now. I can’t imagine starting or finishing my day without them. They bring me HOME, to divinity of my being.

Meditation makes you more productive. It might sound weird, that sitting still, doing nothing can do that for you, but it’s true. Before you enter this journey, you need to understand what meditation is.

I combined the benefits observed by neurological research with my own observations of personal practice:

1. Meditation has excellent calming effects. Research has shown that EEG activity (a measure of brain electrical activity) actually decreases during meditation.
2. Meditation helps you to recharge so that you will have more energy during the day.
3. Practice increases blood flow to your brain and, in the words of a well-known neurophysiologist, “rewinds the circuit in our brain”.
4. It has been proven that people who meditate need less sleep.
5. Meditation slows down the age of the brain and increases the amount of gray matter in the brain.
Gray matter is responsible for controlling muscle, vision, hearing, memory, emotion, and speech.
6. Meditation is much easier to focus and achieve flow, that feeling of something being completely immersed and filled with energy.
It turned out that regular meditation practice increased students ’test scores (by 11% in one study)!
7. Meditation helps the mind break down unnecessary thoughts so that we can understand them more easily and step away from them to get perspective.

The basic idea is very simple. Every time your mind starts to wonder away from your breath and you get lost in your thoughts, you focus your consciousness to your breathing and then you do it all over again. The point is to relax your consciousness muscle every time you return to breathing. Your focus and concentration improve and those are only two of the benefits I’ve already spoken about. These are only a few benefits you gain by practicing meditation regularly. The best part is, once you start doing it, you don’t want to stop anymore!


Would you like to have your own experience?

Order a personalized meditation for yourself or as a gift.

Price: 140,00 AUD


A personalized meditation for you

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been connected to nature and substile energies, which surround us at all times. I believe that everyone can find their peace and truth, once they dive into their magical world. There are many elements, which can help us on that journey, such as our guides, elementals, magical creatures of nature, if only we invite them into our lives and allow them to help us.

I will create a channeled personalized meditation, which will arise from the questions by your being or your guides, who will want to give you the energetic transcript, a message or relaxation, using a frequency, you and your body need the most right now.

Give yourself a perfect gift, which will stay with you forever and will truly be yours only. You are welcome to give this unique gift to others as well. The longevity of the meditation and the preparation depend on the energy, which will run through this process.


As a interesting fact…

Under the guidance of subtle energies, in the presence of mantras or the sound of Tibetan (or crystal) bowls, electromagnetic brain waves switch from beta to alpha and theta brain states, allowing us to experience deeper meditative sensations, a cleaner sense of intuition and inner regeneration.

Frequencies travel through our skin, organs, tissue, all the way to the cells themselves. Each of our organs and chakras also has its own frequency. The body responds to frequencies, which can provide the basis for improving health and the harmonious connection of body, mind and spirit. Also, the sound of therapeutic instruments and the use of the mantra may be part of your channeled personalized meditation, depending on the message and energy that will be displayed upon your demand for meditation.


Tibetan bowls

Singing bowls appeared outside Tibet after the Chinese invasion in 1951, when the Chinese destroyed more than 90 percent of Tibetan temples and demolished them to the ground. The monks were forced to sell some of the property they managed to bring from Tibet.

Thus, religious artifacts appeared on market stalls in Nepal and northern India, including singing bowls, which in their origins combine the shamanistic religious rituals of Buddhist meditation.

Lamas used singing bowls in secret rituals led by renowned masters of sound. They used them for themselves, not in public, on the journeys of the spirit to achieve spiritual purity and self-knowledge and to come into contact with other dimensions, planets, spirits and even the mythical land of immortality – Shambhala.

Would you like to have your own experience?

Order channeled meditation for yourself or as a gift.

Price: 140,00 AUD

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