Calm your mind so that the soul can speak…

Constant vortices, rapid agitation, anxiety, and hormonal imbalance brought me into the world of meditation. I started with guided meditations, as this was the easiest way to relax and let go of all the “troubles” of that day. With regular meditation practice I began to notice changes in my mood and physical level. I was soon pulled into doing more research, study and dive deep in the world of meditation by reading yoga scriptures, philosophy, attending courses and the first trip to dear India, where I also received my first initiation. I completed a teacher training course on Yoga Nidra meditation, which changed my life. Today, I can no longer imagine a day in which I would not include the practice of Yoga Nidra.

Benefits of meditation

1. Meditation has excellent calming effects. Research has shown that EEG activity (a measure of brain electrical activity) actually decreases during meditation.
2. Meditation helps you to recharge so that you will have more energy during the day.
3. Practice increases blood flow to your brain and, in the words of a well-known neurophysiologist, “rewinds the circuit in our brain”.
4. It has been proven that people who meditate need less sleep.
5. Meditation slows down the age of the brain and increases the amount of gray matter in the brain. Gray matter is responsible for controlling muscle, vision, hearing, memory, emotion, and speech.
6. Meditation is much easier to focus and achieve flow, that feeling of something being completely immersed and filled with energy. It turned out that regular meditation practice increased students ’test scores (by 11% in one study)!
7. Meditation helps the mind break down unnecessary thoughts so that we can understand them more easily and step away from them to get perspective.

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation performed in the supine position. In this way, we eliminate discomfort and be easily hover through the door of illumination, where we experience our most true essence. In this space of oneself, everything is known, easy and possible. Through Yoga Nidra we enter a state of non-functioning, in which transformation happens beyond the mind and not through understanding. Through a guided voice, we focus on different parts of our body and breathe to achieve a state of deep relaxation and cellular regeneration of the body.

While Yoga Nidra has been used for millennia to awaken our true nature, it has also been consistently scientifically proven to have a positive effect on conditions such as stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety, PTSD, general well- being, weight, hormonal states and more.

Recommendations – Experience

“I have been following Ana for 2 years through many meditations that she shared and led out of pure joy to share her knowledge with us and invite us to work on ourselves without any commitments and financial expectations. I also experienced her 7 day meditation school.

I was thrilled. How many new breathing and meditation techniques have I learned, me who have been meditating since I was 13 years old! We did yoga nidra and pranayama. Ana ran it really professionally and at the same time heartily and warmly. The hour passed like a few minutes and I always felt peace, serenity, connection with myself, relaxed and felt like new. Happy and joyful. She even took me into a trance! I could hardly wait for them every night and it was quite hard for me when we finished. Ana has a lot of knowledge, she was educated by various world famous teachers and even at a yoga center lead by Sadhguru in India. (how jealous I am, haha). I am continuing with Ana’s meditations on my own this week, the membership in the group is forever and the group is not deleted. You will be able to meditate with her every day for years. You can join the school at any time. You will make yourself an endless gift. We change the world with ourselves and invest in ourselves, in our knowledge, intellectual and spiritual, that is the meaning of every incarnation. You are invited to this wonderful experience.
Thank you, dear Ana. You are extraordinary. Happy and grateful to have been your student in this

Dragica Čarna (poet)

“What a great lecturer you are! You explain everything really nicely and interestingly. The effects of all the days in school of meditation are just regenerative, really relaxing. I work with a disabled person and my workday lasts 9-23 and I get mentally tired during the day and I am often annoyed. Today he found out that after a long time I am smiling and kind and I also feel that way – calm and that I don’t have to be in a defensive (or attacking) position / mood all the time. ANA, this course of yours is worth of gold. I recommend your school of meditation to all those who know nothing about meditation, but still want to bring some peace into their lives and raise the quality of living and working.
Really, in one week, in an hour per day, you get everything you need for regular meditation practice.
Thank you.”

Tina Ferbezar