Intuitive tarot reading

Are you ready to start an awareness journey to discover your sunny and dark sides, which can help you enter the greatness of your light being, the being you truly are? Are you craving for a change, but still keep waiting for someone to save you from your misery? Are you stuck in your own limited believes about destiny and karma, just so you don’t have to move pass them? What if there are other possibilities out there and you can send questions to your being, beings of nature and elementals and receive awareness, what is the righ thing for you to do and how to leave this never-ending imaginative circle?


Archetypal tarot beginnings go back almost 200 years. The symbolic of tarot has always been a bit of a mystery. There are no real information whether it comes from China, India, Egypt or Europe. Tarot cards have been traced back to Spain, Italy in France in the 15th century. The source of tarot power is still unknown, but it is certain that it uses its cards’ symbols and unreasonable consciousness aspects. Tarot consists of 78 cards. It is divided into the small and the big arcane. The big arcane consists of 22 cards, which starts with the card Fool, who falls into a raid and starts changing into a more and more intellectual being along the way. The small arcane consists of 56 cards, which contain 4 elements. Each card represents the energy or spiritual truth, and the meaning depends on the position of the card and on the person asking. Tarot is not prophecy. When you ask tarot for advice, it only opens the doors to your consciousness widening and connecting to your being.

You are the secret creator and only you can actively help to create your future. I personally use these cards, when trying find a deeper insight into my life and a concrete situation. I find it the easiest to connect to all other elementals and light nature beings, who I am asking for a contribution. I work with Light Seer’s tarot cards, as I resonate best with the seers. Using traditional archetypes and tarot symbols this set uses modernized archetypes in a modern, bohemian style. Light seer’s tarot shows us the light and dark side of our nature and shows us lessons, that is possibilities, which we can benefit from when learning how to use both.

People and symbols shown on each of those 78 cards, tell stories, ask questions, deliver messages. These cards are an ideal companion to consciously shine a light to places inside us or our lives, where we need it the most at that time.  The purpose of reading tarot is not to predict, as I believe in making our own choices and I am aware how conclusions about ourselves that we get from the outside world can scar us. Divination puts certain thought into our heads are subconsciously we keep thinking about them and start attracting those experience. The purpose of oracle is not to predict exact events, but to access seeing our awareness through archetype, which comes to us in a form of a message and gives us a broader picture of the current situation, feeling or happening, which we are at that moment.

I use tarot cards as a tool to help me see my reality and using symbolic to understand our current situation. Energy and messages that are opened and accepted for you are shared with you in a non-restricting way. The purpose of this ritual is to get more clarity, freedom, inspiration, purpose and power for yourselves.


You are the mystical creator and only you can actively contribute towards creating your own destiny.

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To book a tarot reading session, send an email to:  or call me on 0403477761 to get a payment details and we will determine time and date for the online session using Zoom or Skype.

And I am also available for readings in person in Maroochydore – Sunshine Coast (Australia).


Spread of 5 cards (30 min) = 50 AUD

Spread of 5 cards (2 questions 45 min) = 75 AUD

Major spread of 11 cards (60 min) = 100 AUD

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