Are you stressed and can’t find the way to calm down? Do you need someone to cheer you along the way and hold space for your discipline and your mind and body wellbeing? Doing yoga online will enable you to practice it in the comfort of your own privacy, away from crowded classrooms, with me as your teacher, to guide you through your process of movement. Based on the introductory session, we will discover, what it is that you need the most at the minute. Sometimes you need a longer guided meditation or a pranayama and then continue to movement, that is asana practice. Yoga is so much more than doing asanas. It enables us to swirl through experience from physical to deeper, more subtle levels of our own beings. An individual yoga session can be a perfect gift as well. You will get a recording at the end of the session. Read more here.


Book your online yoga 1:1 practice using Zoom or Skype. All sessions need to be booked in advance.

And I am also available for classes in person in Maroochydore – Sunshine Coast (Australia).

For all additional information and reservations I am available on the contacts below:

Phone: 0403477761


Individual online yoga class:

30 min – 55,00 AUD
60 min – 90,00 AUD

Connect with me 


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