..open up your heart and the sky is yours…

– Jason Mraz –


Who are my individual sessions appropriate for:


  • all truth seekers,
  • everyone, who wishes to receive more information on how to heal, using alternative methods, maybe change their career,
  • everyone, who is facing fear, distrust, impotence,
  • everyone who has fear from public performance and wish to improve your communication in general,
  • everyone, who wants to be heard and supported, when going through periods full of challenges and sadness,
  • everyone, who noticed their life patterns no longer serve their purpose and they’re willing to break this cycle,
  • women, who are interested in connecting to their uterus and menstrual cycle,
  • everyone who suffers from overeating, weight problems and appearance issues,
  • for teenagers in the challenges of growing up…

We need to wish for and choose each change first. If we want to change something in our lives, we need to let go of the old patterns. We need to be ready to open, while pealing outside layers, which will bring you to your true self, love and happiness.

I will hold space for you to get softer and unwind and will try to send you the light of wisdom and understanding to some of your shadowed places, which you might not even be aware of. I will be here to support you, guide you and answer for your own individual growth. Learn to reprogram your self-sabotage and start to waken up the love you truly are.

You can have 1:1 session with me using Zoom or Skype, which take approximately 1 hour. The session finishes when we feel the process is done.

Why work with me?

For the past 10 years I’ve spent most of my time exploring myself and peeling off the illusion we’re all trapped in. I used to have problems with self-expression growing up. I didn’t realize I will ever be able to talk about it and hold my own workshops, yoga and other activities, which require your own self integrity and the ability to express yourself. My hormonal problems, cystic acne and more than 4 years of no period at all, gave me even more support and courage to leave the life of comfort, being a good little girl and jump on the train, which constantly keeps bringing me to unknown experience of all that I am and all that is still possible. I am eternally grateful for all my challenges and life tests, which brought me to this place, where I am today, for all the paths I chose and all the trainings and courses I took, so I can talk about thins openly and help others.

You need to know, that I can hear you and I understand. I know how you feel when you’re sticking out from the crowd and don’t really belong anywhere. I know how it feels to feel alone, lonely, with no friends. I know what it feels like to be laughed at and how easy it is to just pretend to be small and hide away sometimes, just to get away from the society that can’t accept you, just because you don’t fit in any molds, just because you’re different, too beautiful and truthful in your deepest self. I believe you are stronger and capable of more than you think, and even more importantly, you deserve to live with a happy, open and peaceful heart. You deserve to live your authentic life and discover your potentials, that are hidden inside each and every one of us.

An investment:

1: 1 coaching: 1 session = 139 AUD

1: 1 coaching: 3 sessions = 399 AUD

1: 1 coaching: 5 sessions = 629 AUD

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