I don’t know who and when taught us to judge you? We judge all your beauty and chameleon abilities to change.
I don’t know why we stopped listening to you, worshiping you and nurturing every bit of your magical creation?
So I’m sorry. Sorry for all the judgments we’ve locked into you. For all the difficult words and choices that are everything else but nurturing. Forgive us for oppressing you and allowing others to harm you.
Sorry for all the touches and relationships that didn’t see your greatness and beauty in you. Sorry for the substances we bring into you that you don’t need at all. Forgive us for handing over to others the power that is really (and just) in YOU.
Sorry because we believed others could help us when we believed them that something was wrong with us or that you were sick. Sorry for not trusting you and supporting you in all forms of your actions. Sorry for not being able to give you the space and time to just heal what was never really sick at all… unlike our mind and the projections we made for yours.
So, THANK YOU. Thank you for everything you are. For everything you have been and for everything you are still becoming. Thank you for every possible move, for every breath and moment of coexistence. Thank you for being here for us, even if WE are sometimes too far away for you.
Thank you for giving us space, thank you for giving us unconditional love and thank you for awakening us and allowing us to look into the light of your beauty that makes us blind before we truly worship you and finally understand that WE HAVE everything and that we are more than just enough.
In all colors, in all shapes, sizes and showing images THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. How is it even possible to judge something so DIVINE, beautiful and precious that exists only once and only in this moment? Something so fragile, fleeting, but at the same time so powerful and perfect?

I love you. I love every molecule, atom and part that forms and co-creates this magical planet and existence along with YOU.
Now and forever and ever – THANK YOU. Honor and glory to YOU dear BODY, because you have never and will never give up on us and that we can finally see you and awaken our deeper wisdom.

Because of you I AM.

Amen. Namaste. Ashe.

With love,


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