When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

Access Bars® is a basic and first technique of Access Consciousness® that gives us the ability to change everything that doesn’t work in our lives. With the light touch on 32-points on the head, we release beliefs,patterns, and thoughts that have accumulated in our brain cells over lifeabout money, healing, the body, creativity, control, form, structure, joy, sadness, consciousness… With Access Bars®, we erase all the useless “files” that are stuck in our minds and prevent us from seeing more possibilities in life.
The Access Bars® workshop is a one-day event where you will learn the how to run the session and touch 32 points on the head, that’s how we loosen the electrical voltage and beliefs within us and remove what no longer serves us. With gentle touch we perceive energy fields and brain cells, and we create space for our true self again. A gentle touch of 32 dots works like cleaning your computer’s hard drive and upgrading the system so everything will work much easier, more cheerfully and with awareness.

With Access Bars sessions, we can prove to change the state of anxiety / depression, reduce stress, increase energy levels, improve relationships, increase cash flow, calm mental vortices, prevent insomnia and much more.

At the end of the workshop, you will receive an Access Bars® internship certificate, which allows you to perform treatments on family members (including children), friends or clients (business). Above all, you will take the most out of the workshop if you open yourself to change and allow yourself to finally live the reality of your own Being.


After the workshop, you feel reborn, light-hearted and empowered.
And according to Gary M. Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness®, the worst thing that can happen to you after an Access Bars® session is to feel like after a good massage, and the best thing is to change your whole reality and consequently your life. And I am living proof of that.


Since then, nothing in my life is as it used to be. Kljub dokaj zavestnemu življenju, se je v meni skrivalo še ogromno sodb in omejujočih prepričanj. Prepričanj o vsem. Telesu. Denarju. Službi. Odnosih. Vse do potankosti dodelano. Kako naj bi izgledali, se obnašali in delovali v svetu. I was right, and everyone else with a different opinion and life, in my opinion, lived “wrong”.

It took me a few months, a year, to become aware of some things and put them into the process – about my judgments, my experience of my surroundings and my way of life. Meeting Access Bars® technique changed my life forever and with all this tools I could raised awareness of patterns, thoughts and beliefs that were not even mine. In this way, I was able to get to the bottom of things, begin to become aware and thus change myself and accept the surroundings as they are.

I still…I can always remove something new, it’s a lifelong process. The media is constantly working hard to impose new ideals on us, which we are supposed to achieve. They prepare news for us and manipulate our minds to keep us living in fear and remain little human beings who have no power and authority in this world. If ever, now is the right and so much needed time to wake up! To explore our potentials, to shed layers of beliefs and lies about who should we be, how we should function, look, and live our lives. It is time to take life into our own hands and create a reality that is right for us. I am grateful that together we can choose more awareness and open up to the different possibilities. By doing so, we are creating a different world that is full of possibilities and consciousness.


Access Bars® represents 32 points on the head,
By gentle touch of these points we loosen electrical voltage and beliefs
within us and remove what no longer serves us.

With light approaches we perceive energy fields and cells and give space to real behavior again.

Here’s what science says about Access Bars.

At a conference called Secret Knock, Gary Douglas and dr. Dain Heer (founder) introduced Access Consciousness. There they met the neuroscientist dr. Jeffrey L. Farrin, who has been analyzing the brain and cognition for 15 years. He decided to do an impromptu analysis to happen in the brains of individuals after a single Access Bars session. What he discovered is phenomenal. Watch a video presentation of the results.

Participant experience

“Ana is an exceptional facilitator. Her workshop was incrediable, bringing me clarity and making me feel lighter. I appreciate all the tools and awarness you brought into my life. Every second was worthy. I appreciate how patient and kind you are.
Thank you,”

Lucas Rufato

“I really enjoyed the Access Bars workshop with Ana. You don’t need any prior knowledge, just the will to be willing to accept and change long-held misconceptions about practically everything that has accumulated in your life. The workshop is pleasant and understandable. first you get acquainted with the theoretical knowledge of Access Bars, and then there is a two-time exchange of bars between those present. I was surprised when positive changes started to appear later, especially in the business field. I highly recommend it! ”

Rok Perkavac