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There truly isn’t only one Ana I could introduce as a whole. I am continuously fascinated by this image that we like to call ME. I don’t want old patterns and thoughts to wake me up every morning, so I try to start each day with a new energy and allow life to happen through me, with no prejudice or understanding that I can’t be someone different each day. Speaking of being different, the only constant thing that has been with me since I was a child is that I could never fit into any frames or live my life as everyone else.

I have always been different. Connected to nature and animals. I used to spend my afternoons in the forests, by the rivers, ponds or streams. I played with the bees, lying in the grass and listening to the bird songs, river murmurs, talking to cats (I always felt deeply connected to them). I was a lonely wolf and I still am. I love my space and piece. When I feel the need to retrieve, I hide in my den and stay there until I sort things out. I appreciate time and I carefully select who and what I dedicate it to.

Years ago, after finishing college, I got my first regular job and got sucked in by the abyss of today’s time and society. I have always been artistic, I loved to create, draw and manage my own time, so having a job like that was one of the first challenges. I faced. I felt trapped. My time, peace and freedom to express myself were gone. The longer I stayed there, the harder it got. I am eternally grateful to my spiritual callings and my responsive body, which created a hormonal imbalance, accompanied by the feeling of complete loss. Something had to die and get utterly decayed. It was enough of shallow relationships, work, birth control pills, meat, dairy, …it happened over night. Enough of following the society, of life that wasn’t mine, enough of trying to copy others and feeling small. Enough of denying my truth, so I could fit in.

And that’s how my journey began. A journey into myself and into the world. I chose to explore the world, to learn and to have more. All this brought me to yoga and Access Consciousness tools. My life was turned upside down. Or maybe the other way around. From being upside down into my heart and the reality of my being. To what I call ME and my life. And my life was changed forever. Things could never go back to where they were.

I believe we will all change the world together and I believe you can find yourself in my words. I am here to support your space and show you the world of new possibilities. I currently live in Australia, so all my programs and services are available online. To learn more about my experience with yoga, click HERE and to learn more about my experience with Access Consciousness, click HERE.

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