In the womb are hidden treasures of your health, strength and balance.

Ana Plešec

Did you know that the womb is one of the most mysterious and mighty part of a woman’s body?

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1:1 Womb coaching with Ana

My mission is to work with women and help them connect and raise awareness of the importance of our sacred cente. Through many years of hormonal imbalances and education, I realized how crucial hormonal balance and acceptance of our cyclicity is for overall well-being.

What if you could organize your life and business in a way that supports your cyclical nature? How different would your life be if you knew and accepted all parts of yourself? Are you ready to explore the hormonal cycle, the uterus and awaken your femininity? If the answer is YES, you are invited to become aware of your potential with my support, letting go of limitations, heal imbalances, change your diet and fall in love with your Divine body.

Online program for women

The Red Tent – school for women

You are invited to join the online program for women named RED TENT. This is a space where women talk about the unspeakable, name their experiences, their fears and beauty of the female cycle, and connect with other sisters. The ritual of the red tent is a sacred space intended to connect with the womb, awaken intuition, immersing yourself in the mysterious world of our cyclicality and learn about the functioning of the female body.

Meditation yoga nidra

for healthy womb

Yoga nidra meditation is performed in a supine position. Through yoga nidra we pass into a deep state of conscious sleep, which is a deeper state of relaxation. This state involves the transition from the unconscious to the conscious. In this space, we touch on the cellular healing of our womb and connections to the depths of ourselves.

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